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Makaton Flash Mob

Makaton flash mob in Ealing Broadway to celebrate Speech and Language Therapy Awareness Month

You’re invited to attend a special Makaton flash mob in Ealing Broadway to celebrate Speech and Language Therapy Awareness Month.

The event will be taking place on Wednesday 27 September at 12.30pm in Town Square.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of Ealing Speech and Language Therapy Services, particularly services for children under five-years-old.

It comes after the charity Speech and Language UK reported the highest number of children and language challenges ever.

According to the charity, 1.9million children in the UK are currently experiencing speech and language difficulties and one in five primary and secondary aged children are estimated to be behind with their talking and understanding of words.

This means it’s more important than ever that children and their families are able to access vital services.

Every year, the Speech and Language Therapy Team sees thousands of children and young people aged up to 18-years-old, some have learning disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, autism, Developmental Language Disorder or may be are deaf or hard of hearing. Many have a stammer, struggle to feed and swallow, and have issues talking and understanding language.

Hannah Howell-Day, Clinical Lead for Early Years Speech and Language Therapy at Ealing Community Partners, said:

“All are welcome to join us in Ealing Broadway for an exciting Makaton flash mob. Let’s shine a spotlight on the importance of Speech and Language Therapy Services and raise awareness for the 1.9 million UK children facing speech and language challenges. Every child deserves a voice—let’s make it happen!”

If you’d like to join in on the day, please sign up by emailing [email protected].


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