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The Massage Company

Oak Road

Bringing high-quality massage to the mainstream, The Massage Company founded by Charlie Thomson and Elliot Walker in 2016 started a revolution in well-being.

After recognising the growing need for both physical and emotional wellness, while understanding that many view massage as a luxury, treat or a treatment to be had only on special occasions. The founders set about creating a franchise business where regular massage was both affordable and high-quality. Ensuring that the positive effects of massage could become a vital and most importantly, a routine part of everyone’s life.

Massage has multiple benefits, assisting in the reduction of stress and tension, both physically and emotionally. Boosting the immune system and helping with recovery post treatment or surgery. The impact regular massage can have on health, (besides the feel-good factor!) Makes massage a must-have monthly treatment.

From the friendly welcome by our specialised massage therapists when you visit, to the consultation to determine your precise needs and the best choice of massages available. You’re in safe hands. You may be a sports pro, pregnant or suffering with your emotional wellness, whatever you require, there’s a massage for everyone at The Massage Company

Location Oak Road

Address 1 Oak Road
W5 5JY

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Hours Mon
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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