Young readers

In recent years the Young Readers Programme has been well received by local schools such as: Drayton Green Primary School, Woodlands Academy, and Oak Lands Primary School.

The Centre Management team and Centre staff enjoy the event along with store managers and staff. Stores such as Waterstone’s, Nuffield Health, Ealing Central Library and Tesco helped to host over 250 children in the Centre over two days in July. The children explore the joy of reading and find out how to choose a book that would be of interest to them. At the end of the event every child collects a book that they can take home for free.

Organised as part of the Young Readers Programme, the National Literacy Trust has designed events to inspire children under eh age of 11 to read in their spare time, and to see reading as a fun and creative activity. This program stems from a study that showed that reading outside of the classroom instigates higher reading levels within the class room.

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