Love not Landfill working with Ealing Broadway

Did you know that 11 million items of clothing go to landfill in the UK every week? Ealing Broadway are helping to tackle this issue by providing two recycle bins for clothes to prevent items going to the landfill. Since September 2018, Ealing Broadway have collected over 18,000kgs of recycled clothing which makes them the best performing bank on the Love Not Landfill portfolio.

In the UK, 38 million items of new clothing are bought every week and 11 million go to landfill* – that needs to change and that change starts with us.

No longer need that green jumper? Suddenly have less wardrobe space? We are here to help! We’ve placed a textile banks in Ealing Broadway that you can take any unwanted clothes to. We’ll collect them, sort through them and ensure that their next stage in life is not landfill!

*Based on figures from the WRAP Valuing Our Clothes report, July 2017



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