Places to eat at Ealing Broadway

With a great selection of bars and restaurants, Ealing Broadway is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and spend quality time with family and friends.

The following attractions are now open:

Turtle Bay

Welcome to Turtle Bay! Sit yourself down, breathe out, smile and relax – you’re among friends here. We’re all about slowing down, hanging out and feeling good and we have three big loves – rum, reggae and jerk.

Sure, we do much more these days but our oh-so-good cocktails, fiery jerk and soft reggae tracks always remind us of the warmth, spirit and flavours of the Caribbean. So take the weight off, have a drink and feel the Caribbean wash over you. It’s all good.

Turtle Bay's store front


wagamama is like no place else to eat. A pan-asian, noodle restaurant and complete experience with helpful, friendly service and value for money, food fans have fallen in love with wagamama’s menu of delicious noodles, ramens, curry dishes, salads, fresh juices and more (including a mini menu for little wagamama fans). wagamama prides itself on the quality and speed of its service. Dishes are prepared immediately, ensuring they arrive freshly cooked. Although dishes may be delivered at different times, the wagamama philosophy is: don’t wait – just tuck in and share!

wagamama store front


Celebrate the stunning flavours of the Far East with thier eat beautiful menu. High in nutrients & energy, refreshingly low in calories, low in saturated fat; food for a new lease of life. It's the fast food of the future; it's beautiful, good for you and delicious, power packed with zen goodness to help keep you on the ball. 

Itsu at Ealing Broadway


Authentic Japanese food. Choose from individually wrapped sushi, hot dishes, various sides and a range of thick and thin noodle soups, salads, drinks and snacks. 

Neon yellow balloon labeled Wasabi sushi & bento

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