Ceramics at Art House Ealing

As the summer wedding season is upon us, if you are looking for an alternative to towels and sheets, what about a piece of contemporary artwork ? The Art House Ealing offers work from 18 artists and now 6 ceramicists . New hand made pottery is in store now and is a great keepsake gift.

Janet White (Ceramics)

Three plates on a wall. There is imagery of chinese monks with orange robes on

Janet first found clay over 25 years ago in an evening class. After a long gap, she rediscovered ceramics in 2018 and completed an Advanced Ceramics course at Richmond College. She enjoys experimenting with different techniques to create forms and surface finish.

Janet has two current ranges of work. One is reflective of her exploration into her Chinese heritage and her second range of work is inspired by the sea. These are often expressed through the surface decorations of her vessels.

Three marbley coloured vases with small opening 

A round black patterned vase witha single long leafy  leaf in it

Shalini Bharadwaj (Ceramicist, Art, Graphic design, Jewellery design)

Shalini studied Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. After a successful career in online media and design, Shalini now pursues numerous creative endeavours out of her West London Studio.

Shalini describes herself as a ‘Creative Experimentalist.’ She says, ‘For me creativity is a journey of experimentation and exploration. Whether it be painting, digital design or jewellery making, I like to see where the material and momentum take me.' Shalini is passionate about design and has a love for all things handmade. A lot of Shalini’s work is inspired by childhood nostalgia of growing up in India as she explores memories of travel, people, places and objects in her work.


Riecha Kapoor (Ceramics)

Throughout her life, Riecha has observed and experimented with different art forms but her first and foremost enduring artistic joy is the most tactile of all: Ceramics. She uses a melange of wheel thrown and hand building techniques in her pieces. She sees herself as a creative facilitator as well as an artist. As a teacher, her students delight in discovering how much they are capable of exploring and stretching the versatility of clay. As an artist, her

clients appreciate her ability to understand their vision and interpret them through the medium of clay.

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