Best 5 face masks at Ealing Broadway

For kids, adults, glasses-wearers and more… 

Face masks have become essential buys for shops, supermarkets and public transport, alongside hand washing and social distancing measures.

If you’re sitting down in a cafe or restaurant, it’s fine to remove them (and, of course, some people also have exemptions for a variety of reasons). But not every mask is the same so how do you buy the right one for you?

Whether you’re thinking about size, reusable vs disposable face masks, coverings for children, wearing glasses, using them for sport or how often they need washing – we’ve compiled a handy list of the best coverings to buy at Ealing and how to use them*. 

For more information on hand sanitisers, quiet hours and socially distancing at Ealing, just visit our 'Planning your visit' page.

Choosing your mask

Many masks are designed to be single use but can contain plastics so they’re not a great idea for the environment (or your wallet). The best idea is to buy a reusable fabric mask that you carefully remove after use and wash regularly.

Here are some of the great designs available at Ealing:

  1. The sustainable buy: Great British Designer at Argos, £15 for three, Town Square

Available for click and collection only, Argos are also selling incredible designs from The British Fashion Council x Bags of Ethics to create a range of sustainable and reusable non-medical face coverings to use alongside existing social distancing measures. Designed by six British designers including Julien Macdonald, RIXO, and Liam Hodges, 100% of the profits will be split between NHS Charities Together’s Covid-19 Urgent Appeal, BFC Foundation Fashion Fund and Wings of Hope Children’s Charity.

  1. The handy choice: Poundland, £5 for three, Broadway Mall

Poundland are the latest retailer to start selling cotton reusable and washable face masks (covered in unicorns and hearts) and it’s good to have more than one when one of your face masks is in the wash. For the perfect fit, wash your hands before putting on your face and make sure there are no gaps between the material and your face. Then try to avoid touching your face when out and about.

  1. The kids’ choice: Superdrug, £2.99, Town Square

While children under the age of 11 aren’t required to wear face masks, Superdrug have released a fun new range (along with some excellent designs for adults). In four different designs (melons, unicorns, dinosaurs and camo) and made from an anti-bacterial three-layered fabric, these masks are reusable and recyclable so much better for the planet than disposable ones. 

young girl wearing a child's mask with a watermelon print from Claire's Accessories

young voy wearing a child's mask with a blue camouflage print from Claire's Accessories

four printed face masks from Claire's Accessories

  1. The handy buy: Marks & Spencer, £9.50 for five, The Broadway

This pack of antibacterial face coverings contains masks that are both washable (for up to 40 uses) and reusable. Fitted with elastic ear loops and adjustable toggles, they will give you the perfect fit with breathable 2-ply BCI cotton with an antibacterial finish. Each pack comes with five patterns including two animal prints and three plain styles.

Woman wearing a printed mask from Marks & Spencer

Selection of masks from Marks & Spencer

  1. The ones for glasses wearers: The Gym King at JD Sports, £15 for three, Broadway Mall

Protect the people around you with these Gym King stretchy face masks available from August that have anti-bacterial filtration for up to 30 washes. Cleverly fitted to your face so it’s easier to place your glasses over the top and avoid fogged-up lenses, they feel super comfortable and crucially stay in place. 

Black masks from Gym King sold at JD Sport


How to look after your face mask

According to government information, your face covering or mask should:

  • cover your nose and mouth while allowing you to breathe comfortably
  • fit comfortably but securely against the side of the face
  • be secured to the head with ties or ear loops
  • be made of a material that you find to be comfortable and breathable, such as cotton
  • ideally include at least two layers of fabric (the World Health Organisation recommends three depending on the fabric used)
  • unless disposable, it should be able to be washed with other items of laundry according to fabric washing instructions and dried without causing the face covering to be damaged


When wearing a face covering you should:

  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before putting a face covering on
  • avoid wearing on your neck or forehead
  • avoid touching the part of the face covering in contact with your mouth and nose, as it could be contaminated with the virus
  • change the face covering if it becomes damp or if you’ve touched it
  • avoid taking it off and putting it back on a lot in quick succession (for example, when leaving and entering shops on a high street)


When removing a face covering:

  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before removing
  • only handle the straps, ties or clips
  • do not give it to someone else to use
  • if single-use, dispose of it carefully in a residual waste bin and do not recycle
  • if reusable, wash it in line with manufacturer’s instructions at the highest temperature appropriate for the fabric
  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser once removed

For more information about staying safe and enjoying your visit to Ealing, please visit our 'Planning your visit' page. 

*Please be aware all masks dependent on stock levels.

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