M&S Christmas Food Revealed!

Christmas celebrations may be looking a little different this year, but one thing is for certain, we're looking forward to it more than ever as we bid farewell to a challenging year!

Here are just some of the highlights from this year’s M&S food collection…

The perfect turkey crown

The perfect turkey crown, £50, serves 5-8 (in store from 19th December)

The Molten Mountain Cheesebake

The Molten Mountain Cheesebake, £7
A cheese-lover’s dream, this fondue pot of Gruyère, Comté and Emmental is topped with bacon lardons, roasted onion and Raclette cheese.

Chicken Doughnut Dippers

Chicken Doughnut Dippers, £5
These jumbo battered British chicken breast “rings” come in their very own doughnut box with BBQ sauce and waffle crumbs for dipping.

sausage roll stack

A Star studded sausage roll stack, £12(in store 18th Dec)
What’s better than one sausage roll at Christmas? Thirty-two of them baked together over three tiers.

Mushroom & Camembert Pie 

Mushroom & Camembert Pie, £18 (in store 18 Dec)

Plant Kitchen vegan festive wreath, £10 (in store 22 Dec)
A vegan centrepiece worthy of any Christmas spread. Packed full of roasted mushrooms, chestnuts and pumpkin seeds, and topped in a cranberry and orange glaze, all tied up as a beautiful festive wreath


Golden Balls, £12 (in store from 20th December)
A dazzling stack of delicate choux pastry puffs filled with whipped cream, layered with rich salted caramel sauce and decorated with gold malt balls and gold shimmer.

chocolate and orange christmas pudding

A Collection chocolate and orange Christmas pudding, £12 (in store 18th December)
Rich and zesty, packed with juicy vine fruit, Belgian chocolate, orange liqueur and brandy. And inside? A melt-in-the-middle chocolate and orange sauce.

And for you Percy Pig fanatics, M&S has some treats in store for you...

Percy Pig Sweetie Jar £15 1kg

Merry Percymas Biscuit Tin £5 150g

Percy Pig Bank plus 100g bag of Sweets £10

Percy Pig Toy £15 or £25

Let's not forget the Percy Pig Advent Calendar!

Percy Pig Advent Calendar, £5

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